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Kings of Leon – “Aha Shake Heartbreak” Review

Aha Shake Heartbreak

Aha Shake Heartbreak

The Kings of Leon have exploded onto the mainstream scene with their latest album “Only By The Night.” Sex on Fire, in it’s prime, was heard on every major radio station in North America, or at least it seemed like it. But before this quartet of Tennessee-born rockers made it big, they had 3 albums under their belt. First coming was “Youth and Young Manhood,” a real southern sounding hard rock album, with indecipherable lyrics. Their second album, which we will be going into depth later, is titled “Aha Shake Heartbreak.” It’s my favourite of all, filled with catchy riffs and short, to-the-point songs. Third in line was “Because of the Times.” It was seen by many as an attempt to break into the mainstream, and failed, to a point. It was regarded by critics as a good album, but didn’t sell as expected. Although it contains many solid, Kings of Leon-style tunes, it didn’t achieve the success that was built up around it. “Only By The Night” is their latest, and I’m sure many of you know how that album has done. As a long time KoL fan, I still see it as a decent album. They stayed true to their style in many of the songs (and stayed true to the “5 syllables per album name” rule), they just developed their sound a bit more, and made some tweaks in order to appeal to more people. But now, lets break down the album “Aha Shake Heartbreak.”
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CD Review: Apologies to the Queen Mary

Band: Wolf Parade
Released: 2005

1. “You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son” – A heavy drum and rangy vocals dominate this song about a father who left his home. Grade: 9.3

2. “Modern World” – Perhaps the most casual fan friendly track on the album, it features a great guitar solo in the middle which leads to a great finish. Grade: 9.5

3. “Grounds For Divorce” – One of my favorites off the album, this song features an inspiring little electronic sequence that gives way to a more stable, upbeat and edgy rhythm. Grade: 9.8

4. “We Built Another World” – A bit harsher on the ears and less catchier than many of the other tracks on this album, this still is excellent for those who crave a sound closer to punk than “indie”. Grade: 9.0

5. “Fancy Claps” – Yes, yes, there is clapping in this song. Up tempo – lyrically and musically – the whole way through. Features a nice blend of electronics and strumming. Grade: 9.2

6. “Same Ghost Every Night” – Slow, ghost-like, and windy…that’s all. The best part is Boeckner belting out a “oOoOoO” in a ghastly spirit. Grade: 9.7

7. “Shine A Light” – You’d expect “Shine A Light” to be a slow one wouldn’t you? Not at all. Boeckner again is excellent and his supporting crew is even better. Grade: 9.5

8. “Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts” – A very chill, slower sing a-long that is always a live favorite. Grade: 9.4

9. “I’ll Believe In Anything” – One of the best stretches of lyrics all-time in a song:

and I could take another hit for you
and I could take away your trips from you
and I could take away the salt from your eyes
and take away the spitting salt in you
and I could give you my apologies
by handing over my neologies
and I could take away the shaking knees
and I could give you all the olive trees
oh look at the trees and look at my face and look at a place far away from here

Krug wants to keep a relationship in tact, but it is over and both parties know damn well. Grade: 9.9

10. It’s a Curse A catchy post-punk revival-esque beginning simply demonstrates the variety and determination to try new things the band possesses. Grade: 9.3

11. “Dinner Bells” – Perhaps a bit more apropos as an album finale than the second to last song, in this track Krug addresses the effects of global warming and death. This is perhaps the most well-written and accessible track the album offers. Grade: 10

12. “This Heart’s On Fire” – “This song is about my mother…. who died….. Three years ago…. today….” Boeckner said in an interview. This concluding track represents a complete volte-face from the first track “I Am…” Grade: 9.6

Final Grade: 9.5

Wolf Parade – “At Mount Zoomer” Review

Wolf Parade is back with their second full-length album, titled “At Mount Zoomer.” It’s refreshing to hear new Wolf Parade after having their other (fantastic) songs basically on repeat for months, so let us break it down, song by song:

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Albums Everyone Should Listen to Before They Die

This is a series I plan to keep ongoing. Spanning my musical tastes, I hope to merely suggest, and review, exceptional albums. My hope is that even if you are not a fan of the particular genre or style, you very well could still enjoy these albums. When choosing an album, I intend to find albums that transcend, that can reach all people. The blog as a whole is doing an in depth, song by song, series like this with Radiohead’s In Rainbows (which you can expect the next part soon). The first album in the series is Pink Floyd’s classic, Dark Side of the Moon .  My thoughts and suggestions after the jump.

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Song Review: Radiohead – “15 Step”

Here it is, the first instalment of the “In Rainbows” collaborative review. First on the docket, “15 Step.” Here’s what the Sound Central bloggers think of it:

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What I’m Listening To

Once we really get the blog started up I’ll start posting a bunch of album reviews, but for now I’ll just fill you in every once in a while and try to point out some music that merits a listen.

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NHL 08 Soundtrack Review

I enjoy video games quite a bit, as most of you can probably tell. I also enjoy listening to music, which is why this blog is here in the first place. So when music and video games combine into one, it’s a little bit of a treat for me. Sometimes, that is. Songs featured in video games are notoriously bad, but you sometimes find a diamond in the rough. Most of the stuff featured in games are from unknown bands, itching to get some exposure, and willing to lend their song for cheap. Without further ado, here is my take on the music featured in the game NHL 08:

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