Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Upcoming Album

The track listing and song lengths of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s new album “Eating Us,” which is set to be released on May 26, 2009, have been leaked onto the internet via their label Graveface’s profile. Here they are:

  • “Dark Bubbles” – 3:09
  •  “Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise” – 4:03
  •  “Iron Lemonade” – 3:29
  •  “Twin Of Myself” – 3:20
  • “The Fields are Breathing” – 3:34
  • “American Face Dust” – 3:19
  • “Tooth Decay” – 2:02
  • “Gold Splatter” – 4:14
  •  “Untitled Hidden Track” – 8:02
  •  “The Sticky” – 2:09
  •  “Bubblegum Animals” – 1:40
  •  “Smile The Day After Today” – 2:33

I, for one, cannot wait for this album to come out. If you’re like me, and need something to pass the time until this album gets released, I have prepared a special package for you. Two tracks that I have scrounged up on the internet. First one is a live version of the new song “Born on a Day the Sun Didn’t Rise” and the other is a remix of the song “The Fields are Breathing.” Definitely worth picking up for a bit of a sneak peek. You can download it here.


3 responses to “Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Upcoming Album

  1. The album looks amazing. Not too long ago, the track “Eating Us” was featured on Mike Watt’s radio show, but the song was credited to Tobacco. Same with “Dark Bubbles.”

    Strange, how “Eating Us” isn’t on the tracklisting.

    So, I’m wondering if they’ll be newer versions or not?

  2. It was probably just a working title. Since most of BMSR’s stuff is Tobacco’s writing, he probably performed an early version of the song by himself, so Mike Watt credited what he saw.

    From what I’ve heard of the album so far, a lot of the lyrics connect with the whole “eating us” theme of the album, if that makes any sense.

  3. lol Considering everything else I’ve heard from BMSR over the years, yeah it makes perfect sense.

    I’ve only heard maybe 2 or 3 songs, and the medley they had on their MySpace page.

    What have you heard? And do you know any links to any other clips or demos?

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