My Favorite Bands/Artists

These are my favorite bands and artists as of 4/24/08. Every single day, this list changes. In addition to numerically listing them 1-25, I have also put in parenthesis whether their stock is rising, falling, or simply staying put.

Rising usually means that the band/artist is constantly being listened to by me. Bands usually rise when they put out new material or I discover some of their older material. Falling usually means that I haven’t listened to the band a lot recently. A prime example would be the Pixies. They are one of the greatest bands of all time, but I simply haven’t really listened to them much recently. As a result, other bands such as Animal Collective and Peter Bjorn and John have moved ahead of Pixies. Staying put usually means that I really haven’t changed my listening patterns in terms of that band/artist. For instance, I listen to Radiohead every day, but not as much as say some of the rising bands. Here is the list:

  1. The Libertines
  2. Peter Bjorn and John (Rising)
  3. Radiohead (Staying Put)
  4. Animal Collective (Staying Put)
  5. The Pixies (Falling)
  6. The Walkmen (Rising)
  7. The Lovely Feathers (Rising)
  8. Editors (Falling)
  9. Kasabian (Staying Put)
  10. Arctic Monkeys (Rising)
  11. Sonic Youth (Falling)
  12. Tapes N’ Tapes (Falling)
  13. Babyshambles (Rising)
  14. Daniel Johnston (Falling)
  15. Fugazi (Staying Put)
  16. Mando Diao (Rising)
  17. The Strokes (Staying Put)
  18. Beat Happening (Staying Put)
  19. Pink Floyd (Falling)
  20. Page France (Falling)
  21. The Velvet Underground (Staying Put)
  22. Stellastarr* (Falling)
  23. Dirty Pretty Things (Rising)
  24. Wolf Parade (Staying Put)
  25. The Veils (Staying Put)

9 responses to “My Favorite Bands/Artists

  1. Dude, you like emo?

  2. Wolf Parade will most definitely be rising after you listen to their upcoming album.

  3. Name one emo band on there, Roos.

  4. Fugazi

  5. If by emo you mean Hardcore Punk, then I guess you are right. Their last couple of albums really drifted away from Punk and moved more into alternative/art-rock (if you care for genres)

  6. Fugazi started as an Emo band. Emo is short for Emotive Hardcore, which is derived from Emotionally driven Hardcore. It is basically emotional hardcore music. You can read up here:

  7. radiohead everyday; what a blissful life =]

  8. Nice list..I don’t think I could make up such a list…I would probably end up listing hundred of bands…

  9. your thinking of rights of spring. Guy Picciotto was a vocalist for ROS generally considered the first emo band, though not emo by today’s generation of emo standards. Either way, ROS never considered themselves to be emo. Picciotto later joined Fugazi as a vocalist and guitarist.

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