NHL 08 Soundtrack Review

I enjoy video games quite a bit, as most of you can probably tell. I also enjoy listening to music, which is why this blog is here in the first place. So when music and video games combine into one, it’s a little bit of a treat for me. Sometimes, that is. Songs featured in video games are notoriously bad, but you sometimes find a diamond in the rough. Most of the stuff featured in games are from unknown bands, itching to get some exposure, and willing to lend their song for cheap. Without further ado, here is my take on the music featured in the game NHL 08:

Airbourne – “Stand Up For Rock ‘N Roll
Is that AC/DC I hear? Naw, it’s just some cheap ripoff who thinks they can pinpoint their sound and make money off of it. I’m sorry, but this song is just not my cup of tea. I’m not some kind of pansy, but to me it just feels like they threw in this song into the soundtrack just so they could have a “hard rock” song to play during the actual game. Yawn, next please.

Wolfmen – “Jackie Says
Catchy tune, but that’s pretty much it. Some very addictive lyrics and beat, but gets tiresome after a while. It gets quite repetitive, but it’s short so you can’t really complain. I’m not sure what I make out of this song.

Jupiter One – “Turn Up The Radio
Sounds like Hot Hot Heat, except replace the band with violins and a keyboard drum set. Almost sounds like a filler song to me, but it’s probably the best from this band. It’s probably not even worth checking out because I’m sick of their sound already.

Manchester Orchestra – “Wolves At Night
At first, I absolutely loved this song, and I still do, just not with as much passion. It’s new and fresh with some solid lyrics and beat. I love the keyboard and guitar combo. A catchy chorus makes this song one of the best in the game.

Datarock – “Fa Fa Fa
A fun, light sounding song with little creativity. It’s a mix of disco/funk rock. It’s pretty catchy, and very easy to sing along to (with chorus lyrics of “Fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa” how can it be hard). Unfortunately, this song will get left in the dust, and probably be vaguely remembered as “that ‘Fa Fa’ song”.

Dustin Kensrue – “I Knew You Before
I’m not a fan of the country sound, but I absolutely love this song. Dustin Kensrue is in the band “Thrice”, and I guess this is his solo effort. I must say, I like this song a lot better than the stuff he does with Thrice. I’m not quite sure what sets it apart, but to me it seems like it’s very well-written and from the heart. It’s clearly about a girl he knew who, to put it brashly, became a whore. He ends up forgiving her at the end, and taking her in. The lyrics draw you in, and it’s a generally catchy song.

Pop Levi – “Sugar Assault Me Now
What a breath of fresh air. This song is poppy, quick and very unique sounding. It will take a few listens to get into, but you will be hooked. The way he fits his voice in with the beat, and the abnormal backing vocals provide a fantastic new sound that I have never heard before.

The View – “Comin’ Down
This singer’s voice annoys me. Plain and simple. And since a singer is kind of key in a song, it ruins it for me. It’s a very boring song in general with a stupid whistle throughout the course. Not a fan of this one.

The Ponys – “Double Vision
There’s a neat baseline in this song, but that’s about it. Well, I shouldn’t say that. The song is a bit catchy, but again, it’s mainly due to the baseline. It’s pretty boring otherwise.

Luna Halo – “Kings & Queens
Tacky singer, tacky chorus, tacky song. He sounds like Tom Petty with a bubble in his throat. Music-wise, it’s a terrible song as well. It’s one of those songs that try to get you hooked with a somewhat catchy chorus that’s easy to sing along to, with a “C’mon” here and a “C’mon” there, but I’m not buying it. Don’t waste your time with this one folks.

Mando Diao – “The Wildfire (If It Were True)
It has a very unique tempo and it’s a pretty unique song in general. The lyrics may suck, but it really doesn’t play a major role in the song, it’s how he sings it. It’s quite up-tempo and quick, giving it the unique sound. The instrumentals are very good, they even managed to sneak a horn into the chorus, but it works very well with the guitars which remain quiet for most of the song.

Scanners – “Raw
I’m not a big fan of girl singers to start with, especially ones that scream for most of the song. That’s the case with this one. Guitars are rough and the use of the synthesizer add elements to the song, making it pretty good, but the vocals just don’t cut it for me.

The Black Keys – “Just Got To Be
I actually don’t mind this song. it’s not something I would listen to on a daily basis, but it’s good. The blues influence is prominent throughout the song, especially in the vocals. I actually would recommend this song to people, just to check it out at least. It’s not going to blow your socks off, but it’s a good song nonetheless.

Santogold – “L.E.S Artistes
I’ve never heard anything from this artist before, but she sure is creative if I can base my judgment off of just one song. You’re almost left thinking “Damn, that was so good, yet so simple, why couldn’t I have thought of this song!” Of course I could never write a song, but that’s just the feeling I got. She has a good voice, especially for the song, and I definitely recommend it.

Anberlin – “A Whisper & a Clamor
This song is the epitome of mediocre. You can probably listen to it 5 or 6 times without shooting yourself, but that’s not what we want in a song, now is it? Very poppish, with the “echoey vocals”. Please give us something new, guys!

Bayside – “The Walking Wounded
Ever wanted to hear a rock song stop and try to sound like it’s from the 1930s, and then pick back up in all of it’s “Fall Out Boy”-like greatness? Well I sure didn’t, but in case you may want to…

Disco Ensemble – “This Is My Head Exploding
What an apt title. That is exactly what happened to my head upon listening to this song. Good thing I kept a gun near by, but I wouldn’t need it. The singer’s voice alone could explode your brain if played at high levels.

Enter Shikari – “Sorry, You’re Not A Winner
…and neither is this song. Since when did My Chemical Romance hire the screaming guy from Alexisonfire? And when did they start using a synthesizer? What an awful combo of instruments and singing. Indeed these guys are not winners, they are losers.

Mooney Suzuki – “99%
Stupid band name makes stupid song, where have we heard that before? I don’t listen to music for comedy relief Mr. Suzuki, I’m very sorry. Back to the drawing board.

Paramore – “Misery Business
The only reason this song is on the soundtrack for this game is because they were trying not to be sexist. I understand the logic behind that, but the reality is that there are very few rock bands (the genre the game was shooting for) that have female singers. When you go searching for them, you get quality like this shit. Sorry for being a little harsh, but that’s just how I feel about it.

PlayRadioPlay! – “Compliment Each Other Like Colors
I could really rip into this song. It’s cheesy, it’s soft, it’s historically bad. The lyrics are downright dumb, just look at the title. Something is holding me back though. Maybe I’m making it sound worse in my head than it is, but I definitely see nothing special in this song.


38 responses to “NHL 08 Soundtrack Review

  1. Yeah, I just put on the Zambonis and crank up the silly.

  2. Man, you have the most unique music sense of any person I have ever read. It’s almost like I can hear the music when you talk about it. I know I’m not as “in”to music as you clearly are (I mean, come on, you have your own blog!) and that is why I really appreciate all the time you spent on some real, quality, in-depth, personal, eclectic analysis.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. Just so you guys know, the blog doesn’t actually get under way until this summer, this is just a sort of a preview. There will be more bloggers, and more blogs, so check back this summer!

  4. You have awful taste in music…

  5. wow, you really don’t know music

  6. I hope you never become a professional critic. Being a critic doesn’t mean that you have to trash absolutely everything. If you are going to speak negatively about a song, please please please be more creative than this:

    “Disco Ensemble – “This Is My Head Exploding“
    What an apt title. That is exactly what happened to my head upon listening to this song.”


  7. LOL, if you insist on tearing apart a song at least develop some credibility and make us believe you’re right. There are some great songs in this soundtrack. Nobody believes they’re bad just because you say so. “This singer’s voice annoys me. Plain and simple”…

  8. I kept it plain and simple because there were so many songs on the playlist, but I could go into more depth if you’d like me to. Otherwise, I sincerely apologize for not appealing to the masses.

  9. that report about 99% was B.S.
    that is a great song I don’t see how it is bad in anyway

  10. The whole “Roman soldier/roman slave” part is a lyrical disaster. I’m sorry, but that song leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  11. I like the pace in Sorry, your not a winner…

    i mean this is obviously biased for your musical taste (thats not a bad thing, thats the only way it can be). So people if you think a song he said was bad is good, DUH because you think differently. He’s reviewing, do people hate halo 3 because it got 10/10/10?

    some do, it’s a matter of taste,this stuff is true. Stick to truth and everything will turn out fine .

  12. i love when people who love one genre of music critique a games soundtrack….if you are in a bubble and listen to one genre of music… read this. I know some of these bands and they sure do pwn alot more then alot of bands out there….

  13. Thatdudesaloser

    Wow this guy is an idiot, he is very byist. Yes the music isn’t the best, but still. like this dude could do any better.

  14. send me some music that you actually like im curious to hear it
    you seem to hate everything

  15. Read around the blog a bit, there is plenty here to indicate what he likes, especially his bio page…

  16. This may not be the greatest soundtrack in the history of video games, but it’s not as bad as you make it sound. Apparently you only like the music your told to like by the major labels and pop radio.

    If you don’t like it, go to the settings and turn it off. Throw your Britney Spears or Backdoor boys cd in and listen to it while you play the game.

  17. Negative, negative and more negative huh man, hey they make these games for ALL kinds of people not just people like YOU, stop making these posts if your not open minded bro, people like ALL KINDS of music, hey but thanks for giving me a page from my search that I can see all the songs on, AWESOME

  18. I love the people who keep saying I’m negative. If you actually READ my article instead of just looking at the song you like, seeing I ripped it, then making a post, you would see I state that I actually like 9 out of the 21 songs. Not too shabby if you ask me. EA’s soundtracks are usually very well done.

  19. dude you were negative about alot of songs that have alot of style and great sounds. just cus a band doesnt produce music you like doesnt mean you should rip into them. i love the soundtrack of this game. its mad dope and all the bands on it have a great sound and dope style of music.

  20. the only good songs in this game are actually 99% by mooney suzuki cuz it has a good chorus, and L.E.S. artistes by santogold

  21. I really didnt like the way you critiqued some of these songs. Just because they werent the mainstream shit you listen to doesnt make them bad songs. I really hope you retire from the music business.

  22. The Paramore thing is dead on. They are in here just not to be sexist. The song isnt that good and just isnt very ‘Hockey'(whatever that means).

  23. I’ll give you a quiet golf clap for the effort…(i’m clapping) 😉

  24. man 98% of these songs were good ur musical ear and taste are shit like the song by anberlin is really good and have you ever listened to alexis on fire?? the singer in enter shikari sounds nothing like George pettit. you don’t know shit about music so I suggest you stop with that and find something better to do like make your own music for video games if there’s something you don’t like

  25. I’m sorry i couldn’t get past what you said about airbourne. They may have a similar sound to AC/D, but every modern band/artist has to take samples from older bands the led the way. Aerosmith has obviously got some influence from zeppelin for example. Airbourne’s music is completely different from AC/DC (besides the feeling of raw power you get from listening to it) and if you were a true AC/DC fan let alone music fan you could and would recognize that you ignorant bastard

  26. not saying of course that you don’t have a right to dislike the song, you don’t however have the right to make that improper comparison

  27. Trylisteningtomusic

    No taste in music…You pretty much liked 1-2 songs from this list. I would like to disagree with both of your choices…Pop Levi – Sugar Assault Me Now was absolutely annoying…You must be about 50 because most of these songs are pretty good, and the one you picked sounds like its from the late sixties…

  28. your brutal man… if you don’t like the damn songs… turn the music off!!! i got nothing wrong with the songs…

  29. sorry man but this was a bad review, all you did was criticizes, you said you liked listening to the soundtrack but really you one seemed to like a few

  30. the only thing this review was usful for was listing the songs for me

  31. Wow, these are some retarded replies to this post. Biased spelled b-y-i-s-t, somehow they got a fraction out of 21 songs that equates to “98% of them being good”, and tons of other general fuckery.

    That said they are sort of right. I think you’re looking for too much in the wrong place. You’re obviously someone who has pretty specific and developed tastes in music. So why are you looking for every song on a video game soundtrack to blow you away. It seems you find them to be for the most part catchy, if forgettable. That is exactly what the should be, they’re background music. I agree none of these songs are altering my musical tastes or expanding my horizons, but they’re decent enough for what they’re being used for. Your review was a little harsh and short-sighted.

  32. Thank you for the comment, Ian. I think you hit the nail right on the head.

  33. You have a horrible taste in music. And why is kings and queens bad musically. Its better than knew you before at least its kept in the same key throughout the song

  34. I’ve read everything you wrote but man, I have listened those songs for hours and I didn’t get bored.I know that you want to sound like a real critic but c’mon man how can you criticise the work of some people?.I think you don’t even know how to play a musical instrument.Hockey is a rough sport and it requires a mostly rock sondtrack.Like others said, if you don’t like the music, just turn it off. It’s ,,plain and simple” as you said

  35. Although I respect your opinion I believe this is one of the best soundtracks ea sports has ever made

  36. Negative Criticism and Advice

    I don’t agree with anything that you have said, and I wouldn’t reccommend anyone to take advice from your ‘reviews’. It’s your opinion, and if I had have listened to what you think then I would have missed some real gems of songs and bands, such as Paramore who are a highly successful, and amazing band.
    However that is my opinion and I appreciate yours, I just don’t think it is right for you to reccommend people not to listen to Luna Halo as you think that they are ‘tacky’. I don’t mind you venting your opinions, but please don’t try and persuade people to not listen to this, or listen to this, let them make their own mind up.

  37. This coming from the guy in radio

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