Song Review: Faunts – “M4 Part II”

Upon completing the game Mass Effect, the credits arose. Pretty standard among video games, right? Well these credits weren’t your ordinary credits for me. The folks at BioWare made an excellent choice in ending their game with the song “M4 Part II” by Faunts.

For some background information, Faunts are an Indie band from Edmonton, Alberta. At first I was just soaking in what had just happened upon completing the game, but my attention soon turned to this catchy song. It starts off kind of slow, with the singer faded into the background of the guitar. I didn’t take much notice to it, until the song continued, building steam. The toe-tapping drums combined with the quiet instrumentals start off the experience, all the while the guitars adding a subtle beat to the song. All I can say is that the song is an experience of some sort. It really puts you into a different mood. It’s tough to describe, but you all know what I’m talking about. It fits in very well with the “Space-themed” Mass Effect game.

Lyrics are a bit, how can I say, strained? They aren’t very well written, but it flows well with the song, and the singer’s voice fits in with this type of quiet song. Very spacey and popish, but has a consistent catchy rhythm. I won’t say that I “instantly fell in love” with the song, but it’s safe to assume that it will be making it’s way onto my iPod in no time. Again, kudos to the folks at BioWare for picking such a great song to end their game with. I’m not sure what was more exciting for me, finishing the game or finding this song. It’s worth a test listen if you’re into this kind of stuff, you really have nothing to lose. It’s an intriguing song to say the least, and I look forward to hearing more works from this band.


6 responses to “Song Review: Faunts – “M4 Part II”

  1. Nice frist entry Egg, seems like you know what you’re talking about, and the description of the song is top notch. I like how you are honest that parts of the song may not be as masterful as the rest, but ultimately come to a conclusion that people will trust. Keep it up.

    And this song is awesome.

  2. I understand Greg, I finished the game and when I listened to the song, it just heightened my emotion/experience. It gives me, personally this, somewhat sad yet hopeful type feeling, it feels almost exactly like what the game felt through the whole storyline, not knowing if you will actually be able to finish your mission, and having certain decisions you can’t really make a perfect choice with. It was completely in line with the game, and I loved the music so much, I got the soundtrack, which had this song on it, and I love it…the music of the whole game is fantastic, but this song definitely deserves mention.

    I don’t know if that is the feeling you got, but I know that is what I got. I love it, too, for that. Anywho, great song review.

  3. yeah,i am feeling exactly how brian’s feeling..its kinda weird..n there’s this feeling of sadness when the game ends especially when the music is everything u achieve just came to an end.but from what i heard,mass effect is part of a trilogy.hopefully bioware will still be able to deliver better gameplay n storyline even after being bought over by ea reli a fan of bioware,not so much of ea

  4. Being an Edmonton girl, I’d heard The Faunts around town, but considered myself a bit too old for the young-folk music and concert-goin’ scene…(Not too old to take a childlike glee in pretty much everything BioWare makes, however…)So, Mass Effect ended with M4 Part II and what it did for me was create that feeling of expectation, of momentum … like it’s not really over, there are more fights and more M.E. headed my way.
    I toddled over to iTunes and downloaded everything The Faunts have up there, and I’m pretty much in love with it all. (All music downloading arguments aside, these guys are a small, local band and they deserve what financial support I can offer…)
    My Mp3 player is currenly a mix of The Faunts and the M.E. score … and totally full of win!

  5. Just saw this site while searching for info on the song.

    One thing that I get from it, above all else, is the last line. “I can’t make it on my own”. Shepard can’t save the universe by himself…he needs Wrex, and Liari, and Joker, and everyone to help him out. Humanity can’t stand alone either, neither can the Salarians or any of the other races. I think it’s a nice way of telling us that, come the next installment of Mass Effect, the feel of the game will be more desperate and even more urgent – a sort of Empire Strikes Back of Mass Effect. I cannot wait.

  6. actually its a good song,but i would prefer the song kingdom by Dave Gahan its pretty good too,but actually m4part 2 fits pretty well to the ending credits,it’s like Half-Life’s 2 ending song,it fitted perfectly few games end with the credits having a great song that makes you be like:WOW AWESOME GAME FROM START TO FINISH

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