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NHL 08 Soundtrack Review

I enjoy video games quite a bit, as most of you can probably tell. I also enjoy listening to music, which is why this blog is here in the first place. So when music and video games combine into one, it’s a little bit of a treat for me. Sometimes, that is. Songs featured in video games are notoriously bad, but you sometimes find a diamond in the rough. Most of the stuff featured in games are from unknown bands, itching to get some exposure, and willing to lend their song for cheap. Without further ado, here is my take on the music featured in the game NHL 08:

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Song Review: Faunts – “M4 Part II”

Upon completing the game Mass Effect, the credits arose. Pretty standard among video games, right? Well these credits weren’t your ordinary credits for me. The folks at BioWare made an excellent choice in ending their game with the song “M4 Part II” by Faunts.

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Sound Central Begins!

Hello people, my name is Greg Balloch, and welcome to Sound Central. Please take a look at the about section to read the main focus of this blog. We will get everything started in the summer, so hopefully we’ll see you then!